“I am thrilled to share my highest praise for Mariana, who hosted our company’s 2023 Convention. Mariana’s performance as the event’s host exceeded all expectations, and her contributions were invaluable. Throughout the event, Mariana showcased her exceptional talent for engaging and captivating our audience. Her energy and enthusiasm were boundless, creating an electric atmosphere that resonated with everyone in attendance. Most importantly, she was able to think on her feet, listen, and absorb the right takeaways to weave one keynote with the next, creating the perfect throughline for our summit.”

– CEO, Outreach

Lisa Bodell book kill the company
Kill The Company
Lisa Bodell Book Why Simple Wins
Why Simple Wins

“Hearing from Lisa at our Annual Leadership Team meeting about how to kill complexity in order to get to our most valuable work was exactly what the senior leadership at City National Bank needed to hear.  Lisa was engaging, informative and really helpful.  She provided us with useful and pragmatic tips on how we can work to simplify for ourselves before we turn to do the same thing for and with our teams.”

City National Bank

City National Bank

“Lisa was impactful in helping our leaders understand how simplicity applies not only within their own spheres of control but to the broader firm. She also reinforced the importance of having time to ‘think’. Lisa was energetic and did a fantastic job laying the foundation for these concepts and how we can apply to our business.”

Chief of Staff to CEO, Barings


“Lisa had the room of thousands up on their feet–literally. We really enjoyed Lisa’s interactive, engaging, and educational presentation; she left us wanting to hear more. To top it all off, Lisa and her team are professional and really easy to work with.”

Director, PMO, Smartsheet


“Lisa was beyond fantastic! Our audience loved her, and her insights were invaluable.”

Senior Manager, AMEX


“Lisa was a dream to work with and provided insights and tips on how to kill complexity in the workplace.  Our members love takeaways they can implement upon their return to work…Lisa provided those and more!”

Vice President of Operations, Dental Trade Alliance

Dental Trade Alliance

“Amazing presentation! Extremely informative and thought-provoking!”

– Financial Reporting Specialist, Prudential

mariana atencio perfectly you poster
Perfectly You