“Daryl was the right person at the right time for Manchester. His message, timeless, was well, WELL received and is still being talked about on campus almost a week later. We had over 500 people in attendance, the most my Office has had for a presentation like this on campus in the six years I’ve worked for Manchester…”

Director of Intercultural Services, Manchester University

Manchester University

“I trust you [Daryl Davis] more than I trust some of my own Klan members.”

Former KKK Imperial Wizard, Current American Patriots USA

Former KKK Imperial Wizard, Current American Patriots USA

“I have a lot of respect for Daryl Davis.”

Former KKK Imperial Wizard

Former KKK Imperial Wizard

“Daryl Davis is a voice of reason in the midst of a lot of noise. By word and example he demonstrates that civil discourse across differences is not only possible, but is the only way to change hearts and minds.

Director of College Events, Carleton College


“He was fabulous! We had a great turnout too! Couldn’t have been better. Daryl exceeded our expectations!

Director of Community Programs, Roanoke College


“Daryl Davis is hands down one of the most incredible people I have ever met. Daryl is world renowned for his music, & if you ever see him play you will know why. Beyond his amazing musical talents, he has a natural gift for reaching others through dialogue & understanding commonalities. Daryl helped me change my life, & I have seen him do the same for so many others. In today’s modern society we often hear people talk about sports stars as heroes, but the real heroes are those who alter the course of lives through change. Daryl is one of those unsung heroes. Daryl’s willingness and desire to understand hate, and the psychological manifestations of it have driven him into situations and scenarios that few men would ever dare to walk into, and he does so with a pure heart and unconditional love for humanity. Daryl is the kind of person we should all strive to be like.”

NSM (National Socialist Movement) Former Commander

NSM (National Socialist Movement) Former Commander

“At all points Davis approaches his quest for information with equally impressive helpings of honesty, good humor and huge reserves of sheer nerve. Davis never ‘spins’ their rationalizations. He just lets his subjects talk, and invariably the wounded, confused and fearful psyches under the bluster are laid bare. Davis consistently approaches each of his subjects as individuals; some he comes to respect and even like. The man has earned his right to preach.”

Ann Arbor News

Ann Arbor News

“Daryl Davis is an inspiration in my personal and professional life. From him, I have learned that no conversation is impossible and no person, no matter how hateful, is beyond reach.”

Peter Boghossian, Philosopher, Professor and Author, How to Have Impossible Conversations

Peter Boghossian

“We do have a new bigotry in America…we don’t want to be around anyone disagreeing with us. We self-select our news sources and self-select our encounters. I admire this guy [Daryl Davis] because he did exactly the opposite. You can’t have a culture of encounter if you say I want to encounter interesting new people who know more than I do about nuclear physics but dear God I don’t want to encounter anyone who fundamentally has a different take on things than I do.”

President Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton

“Captain Armour’s audience was truly inspired by her courage and tenacity. She is exciting to be around and really represents a woman that young women can aspire to be. Our law students were empowered by Captain Armour. She is a dynamic presence.”

Professor of Law and Producer, Massachusetts School of Law at Andover

MASS School of Law at Andover