Our Team


Tony D’Amelio



“I’ve always been drawn to working with people whose words and ideas have strong impact. At my core, I’m one of those wildly curious people who get excited about learning something new, applying it to life or business, and sharing it with others. My personality is perfectly suited for the business I’m in,” says Tony D’Amelio. He began his career managing songwriters and rock bands in 1969. Thirteen years later he landed full-time in the speaking industry where he built a career representing distinguished leaders and experts from business, economics, politics and sports.

In 2011, after concluding 27 years with the Washington Speakers Bureau as executive vice president, Tony took time off to pursue a different passion: education. He founded and served as first co-president of the first-ever city-wide college scholarship foundation in Stamford, Connecticut. Called Stamford Dollars for Scholars (www.sd4s.org), the foundation is an all-volunteer non-profit that mobilizes the community to provide scholarships for local students who want to pursue their education beyond high school. In its first eight years, the startup foundation has awarded over $760,000 to 200 local students who dreamed of pursuing education beyond high school. “This effort fits squarely with my belief that learning is a life-changing experience.”

“The exciting thing about the D’Amelio Network is that it allows me to focus on the thing I enjoy most: bringing people with fresh ideas and insights to the marketplace. In helping audiences discover an important voice they’ve not heard before, we help make the world a little better – one bit at a time. I’m reminded that the great writer Studs Terkel was once asked, ‘What’s the meaning of life?’ – ‘To make a dent,’ he responded. That sums up my hope for the D’Amelio Network.”

kirsten new signature

Kirsten Riemer

Director of Client Services


Kirsten spent nearly a decade working in event management and sports marketing, primarily focused on the sport of polo in the Northeast. During that time, she worked on projects with major luxury brands, private foundations, and television networks to bring the sport back to the small screen along with bolstering spectator accessibility and attendance numbers in the New York Metropolitan area. From international non-profit organizations to major corporations, Kirsten developed a great appreciation for turning an individual’s goal for their event into a succinct vision and then a reality.

“I have always had a passion for helping people and organizations realize their event visions. My greatest joy comes when both the audience and the principals for an event experience something really special through an event that my team had worked so hard to produce. In joining D’Amelio Network I am happy be part of a team that connects people and ideas to create great experiences with lasting impact.”

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Melissa Murphy

Manager, Client Services & Special Projects

Melissa comes to the D’Amelio Network with an extensive background working with various industries on their meetings and events. Her first experience was working as a Business Analyst, contracted through the DOD, to secure talent for a mission ready platform designed to provide our military service members with the financial knowledge, tools and resources they’d need prior to deployment.  It was during that time that she found her passion for bringing people together and helping to make a difference. From there she joined the Washington Speakers Bureau, where over the course of eight years, she rose to the role of Senior Account Executive.  During that time she managed and facilitated the speaker booking process across all industries, built relationships with industry partners, and became a resource for event professionals.  Melissa lives in Greenville, SC with her husband, John, and two daughters.

“I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to join the D’Amelio Network.  To be a part of such an amazing team of people and to be able to support such talent – for me, this is what it’s all about; making an impact and helping people.  The D’Amelio Network brings these values into alignment and I’m glad I get to be a part of it!”


Matt Anderson

Director of Events


“On the surface, my job is a balance of numbers and figures, dates and details – from plane schedules to car pick-ups to hotel confirmations to conference calls – but in reality, the core of it is really people and relationships,” say Matt Anderson. “But that isn’t just MY job – I think that it is the heart of what the D’Amelio Network is all about: working to strengthen our relationships with the people we work with every day. Tony’s passion for connecting with people is one of the biggest reasons I wanted to come to work with him, and I’ve never looked back.”

Matt came to the D’Amelio Network in 2013 with a strong background in the lecture industry – having worked with Tony at the Washington Speakers Bureau for five years as an Event Coordinator, and then spending almost 2 years as the Director of Events with the Worldwide Speakers Group. In addition to his experience in this industry, Matt also brings a wealth of knowledge in both sales and customer service from working with DirecTV, The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and City Segway Tours in Washington D.C. Additionally, he spent the 2012 and 2013 school years teaching Public Speaking to inner city 5th – 7th-grade students through Ford’s Theatre’s Education Department. A proud native of Boise, Idaho, Matt has lived in Norrköping, Sweden – 90 miles Southwest of Stockholm – for the past 4 years and enjoys traveling and exploring various corners of the world as often as possible.


Jenny Taylor

Director of Operations



“Much of what I do is technical and behind-the-scenes – and also fundamental to creating a seamless experience for those we serve. What’s satisfying for me is to see it all come together and to place that one last piece into the puzzle; the piece that helps deliver a great outcome for all concerned.”

Jenny joins the D’Amelio Network with over a decade of experience managing high-profile events. She spent five years on Capitol Hill as the Executive Assistant, Scheduler, and Office Manager for Congressman Chris Cannon. After leaving the Hill, she spent five years at the Washington Speakers Bureau as a Senior Event Manager, where she coordinated and managed the event details and logistics for an impressive group of former government leaders, business executives, and media personalities. Jenny lives in Alexandria, VA with her husband, Paul, and their two young children.


Carin Kalt

Director of Content


Originally from Connecticut, Carin had an eleven-year career as a Photography Editor in magazine publishing working for ParentsMen’s Journal, and Smart Money. She also owned her own Paint-Your-Own Pottery business for five years. She came to D’Amelio Network after taking some time off to raise her two boys.

“Coming from the world of magazine publishing, I watched how content is created and shared. The experts we manage report the news, write books and articles, interview interesting and important people, contribute to blogs and twitter and offer fresh ideas on a daily basis. My job is to keep up with all of our speakers’ content and share it so that event professionals have the tools they need. Learning something new every day from our expert’s wide range of topics is what I really enjoy most about my position.”


Meg Joray

Manager, Operations & Events


After spending four years as a Montessori educator, Meg worked in client experience and broadcasting. Her journey in the lecture industry began as Manager of Customer Engagements for National Speakers Bureau, where she helped facilitate the booking process from speaker selection and contracting through final itinerary. Meg brings not only those skills to D’Amelio Network, but a joy in fostering human connections – during both the planning and the presentation. She is happy to have found a career that goes hand in hand with lifelong learning.

“The speaking industry is about big ideas, but there are many small details to arrange in order for those ideas to effectively reach an audience. I’m privileged to support that process on behalf of an organization I admire and speakers who genuinely influence people for the better. They inspire us be more intentional in our professional, personal, and civic lives.”