Who We Are

D’Amelio Network manages a select group of experts who speak on topics of interest to business audiences. They are popular keynote speakers and seminar leaders with valuable insights on the economy & finance, American & global affairs, leadership, innovation, organizational culture, managing change, motivating & engaging people, and more.

DN is not a speakers’ bureau. We are a speaker management firm. We don’t represent hundreds of speakers – we manage about ten. We are small – by design. Small allows us to focus. We have assembled a collection of experts who are not only outstanding in their fields, but also outstanding presenters.

We know our speaking clients deeply and completely. That means we can be the best possible resource and collaborator to the network of event professionals we serve – at speakers’ bureaus, production companies, event management companies, advertising & PR agencies, corporations, and associations. They trust our expertise; founder Tony D’Amelio has devoted his entire career – over 50 years – to bringing ideas and audiences together. Experience matters!

At its essence, our core work is to help people who plan events understand what’s unique about our speakers. We help them best leverage the speaker’s experience, insights, and talents to create successful outcomes for the audience. Our goal – always – is to provide a friction-free experience for all concerned when booking speakers for events.

What We Do

We live in the age of the network. Networks are powerful because they harness more resources and deliver outsized results. The reason is simple: more is better.

It’s no coincidence that the word “Network” is in our name. Networks connect. That’s what D’Amelio Network is all about – efficiently connecting our speaking clients to the widest possible range of opportunities through our relationships with a network of event professionals at speakers bureaus, event production companies, advertising agencies, PR firms, corporations, and associations. We have fun working with those we believe in – and helping to bring their ideas to new audiences all over the world through collaboration.

The D’Amelio Network was founded in 2011 by Tony D’Amelio, an industry veteran with nearly 50 years of experience bringing ideas and audiences together. “Like every other industry, the speaking world has been disrupted by technology-driven change,” he says. “The internet fundamentally altered the way people are booking event speakers. That created a new opportunity to better help speakers who were underserved by the traditional model of signing exclusively with just one speakers bureau to handle all speaking activity. In a 21st century world, that model isn’t right for everyone.”

Our job as manager is to be the advocate for our talent in a world of information overload. We curate content about our speakers and share it with our network of event professionals to help them understand what is unique about each of our speakers. We shine a light on their latest accomplishments, experience and relevance and put their value in context against the backdrop of what’s going on in the world right now – and how it will benefit audiences. By providing the tools, information, and resources to successfully work with our speakers, the end result is increased opportunities for those we manage and great outcomes for the audience.

Our Team

“I’ve always been drawn to working with people whose words and ideas have strong impact. At my core I’m one of those wildly curious people who get excited about learning something new, applying it to life or business, and sharing it with others. My personality is perfectly suited for the business I’m in,” says Tony D’Amelio. He began his career managing songwriters and rock bands in 1969. Thirteen years later he landed full-time in the speaking industry where he built a career representing distinguished leaders and experts from business, economics, politics and sports.

In 2011, after concluding 27 years with the Washington Speakers Bureau as executive vice president, Tony took time off to pursue a different passion: education. He founded, and served as first co-president of the first-ever city-wide college scholarship foundation in Stamford, Connecticut. Called Stamford Dollars for Scholars (www.sd4s.org), the foundation is an all-volunteer non-profit that mobilizes the community to provide scholarships for local students who want to pursue their education beyond high school. In its first eight years, the startup foundation has awarded over $760,000 to 200 local students who dreamed of pursuing education beyond high school. “This effort fits squarely with my belief that learning is a life-changing experience.”

“The exciting thing about the D’Amelio Network is that it allows me to focus on the thing I enjoy most: bringing people with fresh ideas and insights to the marketplace. In helping audiences discover an important voice they’ve not heard before, we help make the world a little better – one bit at a time. I’m reminded that the great writer Studs Terkel was once asked, ‘What’s the meaning of life?’ – ‘To make a dent,’ he responded. That sums up my hope for the D’Amelio Network.”


Mirjana Novkovic
Director of Client Relations


“The greatest commitment that I can make to the speakers we manage and the event professionals we serve is to focus on collaboration. A collaborative spirit is at the core of every great relationship. It is what drives good communication and transparency. It builds trust and, ultimately, true partnership.”

Mirjana brings close to two decades of experience in the lecture and training program space where she has held leadership roles in marketing, client relations, business development and leadership program development. As VP of Marketing at the Harry Walker Agency, Mirjana led marketing initiatives for some of the world’s leading influencers in politics, business, innovation, economics, media, and entertainment. Now, as Director of Client Relations at DN, Mirjana works to bring the unique expertise and insights of our speaking clients to the widest possible network of event professionals…creating successful outcomes for audiences around the world.


Matt Anderson
Director of Events


“On the surface, my job is a balance of numbers and figures and dates and details – from plane schedules to car pick-ups to hotel confirmations to conference calls – but in reality, the core of it is really people and relationships,” say Matt Anderson. “But that isn’t just MY job… I think that it is the heart of what the D’Amelio Network is all about…strengthening the relationships with the people we work with every day. Tony’s passion for connecting with our people is one of the biggest reasons I wanted to come to work with him, and I am glad I did.”

Matt comes to the D’Amelio Network with a strong background in the lecture industry – having worked with Tony at the Washington Speakers Bureau for five years as an Event Coordinator, and then spending almost 2 years as the Director of Events with the Worldwide Speakers Group. In addition to his experience in this industry, Matt also brings a wealth of knowledge in both sales and customer service from working with DirecTV, The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and City Segway Tours in Washington D.C. Additionally, he spent the 2012 and 2013 school years teaching Public Speaking to inner city 5th – 7th grade students through Ford’s Theatre’s Education Department. A proud native of Boise, Idaho, Matt has lived in Washington D.C. for over 15 years, he loves travel and exploring the world and he is the proud uncle to his 14 nieces and nephews.


Jenny Taylor
Director of Operations




“Much of what I do is technical and behind-the-scenes – and also fundamental to creating a seamless experience for those we serve. What’s satisfying for me is to see it all come together and to place that one last piece into the puzzle; the piece that helps deliver a great outcome for all concerned.”

Jenny joins the D’Amelio Network with over a decade of experience managing high-profile events. She spent five years on Capitol Hill as the Executive Assistant, Scheduler, and Office Manager for Congressman Chris Cannon. After leaving the Hill, she spent five years at the Washington Speakers Bureau as a Senior Event Manager, where she coordinated and managed the event details and logistics for an impressive group of former government leaders, business executives, and media personalities. Jenny lives in Alexandria, VA with her husband, Paul, and their two young children.


Carin Kalt
Director of Content



Originally from Connecticut, Carin had an eleven-year career as a Photography Editor in magazine publishing working for Parents, Men’s Journal and Smart Money. She also owned her own Paint-Your-Own Pottery business for five years. She came to D’Amelio Network after taking some time off to raise her two boys.

“Coming from the world of magazine publishing, I watched how content is created and shared. The experts we manage report the news, write books and articles, interview interesting and important people, contribute to blogs and twitter and offer fresh ideas on a daily basis. My job is keep up with all of our speakers’ content and share it so that event professionals have the tools they need. Learning something new every day from our experts wide range of topics is what I really enjoy most about my position.”