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Advisory Service

Each year DN takes on a handful of key strategy and branding projects for select speakers who are not under our management. We bring our experience to bear and help these consulting clients distinguish themselves in a crowded marketplace and achieve greater success. The idea is to frame each speaker’s unique expertise against the backdrop of what’s going on in the world. In the process, we show event planners and those who serve them how these speakers create value for the audiences they address.

“Knowing how to change the positioning of a speaker’s expertise based on the ups and downs of the business cycle comes with experience. In a dynamic world, knowing what to stress when is probably the most important factor in a speaker’s success. The positioning needs to flow freely. We put the lessons learned over a long career in the speaking industry to work for our consulting speaker clients – helping them succeed,” says Tony D’Amelio.

Whether it’s a full rebranding project, a website refresh, leveraging social media or simply developing strategies to reach out more effectively – DN’s advice will secure results.