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Polly LaBarre

Author, Mavericks at Work; Founding Member – Fast Company Magazine; Co-Founder/Editorial Director, The Management Innovation eXchange


  • Addresses the crucial question facing leaders and organizations – How do we change the way we change?
  • Insights that help leaders make their organizational culture fit for the future – more resilient, innovative and inspiring.
  • Shares practical and high-impact ways to unleash the imagination, passion, and initiative of every person in the organization.
  • Offers a “Maverick Manual” to hack the status quo and ramp up originality, invention and game-changing disruption.
Speech Descriptions
Fit For The Future: Creating Adaptable, Innovative, and Inspiring Organizations
We live in a world where change is relentless, disruptive, even shocking. Success has never been more fleeting, and the ability to adapt more important. In this context, one of the most important questions leaders face is: Are you changing as fast as the world is changing? If your answer is “No, not really,” you’re not alone.
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Innovating Innovation: Making Innovation An Everyday, Everywhere Capability
What company today doesn’t put innovation at the top of the agenda? Yet few have devoted the energy and resources it takes to build innovation into the values, processes, and practices that rule everyday activity and behavior. No wonder. That disconnect is a product of organizational DNA – productivity, predictability, and alignment are embedded in the marrow of our management systems.
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The End of Leadership as We Know It
The era of the heroic, all-knowing, all-powerful leader is over. From the citizen activists of Arab Spring to the protestors of Occupy Wall Street to the emergence of Pirate Parties across Europe and the increasingly vocal disgruntled passengers of many an airline, the message is clear.
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A Maverick Manual For Success
The future belongs to the mavericks. If we want originality, invention, game-changing disruption—if we want our organizations to keep up with the times and stay ahead of the pack—we need to fill them with people who ignore the rules, flout convention, defy the gravity of the status quo, question constantly, and experiment fearlessly.
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Moderator, Interviewer, Emcee and Sense-Maker
Polly LaBarre has designed and hosted events, led panels, interviewed celebrated thinkers & doers on stage and on television, and earned accolades for her ability to connect the dots and draw out valuable insights during her interactions. Whether hosting, interviewing one-on-one or moderating a panel discussion, Polly will help create a lively and informative forum for the issues you want to explore.
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Polly LaBarre's Story
For two decades Polly LaBarre has used her writing and speaking to help make organizations more resilient, innovative and inspiring – and to embolden and equip leaders at every level to make a meaningful impact. Polly’s work is driven by three core questions: How can organizations change the way they change in order to become endlessly adaptable and gain an advantage over time? How do you embed innovation as a DNA level capability inside an organization? How do we unleash and organize human potential in ever more powerful ways?  With her partners (including Gary Hamel) at the Management Lab (MLab), Polly works with leading organizations to make real progress on those ideas and accelerate the development and adoption of a post-bureaucratic, 21st century management model.

Polly began this exploration as a founding member at Fast Company magazine where she helped shape the remarkable success of a magazine that changed the way leaders at all levels think about working and winning. She also co-authored the bestselling book Mavericks at Work: Why the Most Original Minds in Business Win which has been published in 16 languages.

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