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Real Time Marketing and Sales Strategist, David Meerman Scott

David Meerman Scott

Internationally-Acclaimed Author of Ten Books
Real-Time Marketing & Social Sales Strategies That Work


  • The way most companies sell is out of alignment with the way people buy. Be fearless and close the gap with social selling & content marketing strategies & tactics.
  • Real-Time rules: speed and agility win — not the biggest media budget!  Learn low-/no-cost ways to build business and get attention.

  • Stand out, spread ideas, win hearts & minds, drive sales by creating content that gets noticed when people are ready to buy.

  • Be fearless – embrace a Real-Time mindset organization-wide.  Generate interest and new relationships in minutes – not months.

Speech Descriptions

Break out and breakthrough by engaging customers on their own terms. Business is different today. We all know it. It’s a scary idea to set aside outdated beliefs and dusty old strategies but those old ways are costing you money. It’s time to be fearless. Get over the fear of trying something new, the fear of change, and the fear that it might not work the first time.
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FEARLESS SALES – POWERING SOCIAL SELLING IN REAL-TIME  The way most companies sell is not aligned with the way people buy. That’s a problem. Buyers are bypassing the traditional selling model altogether. They’re learning for themselves about your products/services, your competitors, and what customers say about you (whether true or not!).
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Beyond the Keynote
David Meerman Scott is available to deliver sales and marketing workshops which provide a step-by-step framework for implementing Real-Time sales or marketing/PR strategies. These sessions drill down to explore tactical, actionable plans to reach buyers directly and in Real-Time.
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Get your team together and roll up your sleeves! David Meerman Scott comes to your office to coach your team to reimagine ways to reach your audience.  Learn to take advantage of new real-time marketing and sales realities. Then set your organization up to exceed your goals by implementing new low cost (and no cost) strategies and tactics in that are proven to grow business.
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David Meerman Scott's Story
Marketing & Social Sales Strategist – Generating Attention & Growing Business in a Real-Time World

David Meerman Scott is a master of the new rules for growing business, spreading ideas and generating attention in our always-on, Web-driven world. Advance planning is out – speed and agility are IN! Scale and media buying power are no longer a decisive advantage. Instead, Real-Time is the mindset – and content matters – you are what you publish! Those who can be fearless and put away old strategies and tactics in favor of a new way will reap the rewards.

David is an internationally acclaimed sales and marketing/PR strategist whose books and blog are must-reads for professionals and organizations seeking to stand out, get noticed and capture hearts and minds for their products, services and ideas. He is author or co-author of ten books (including three international bestsellers) with one million books in print. The New Rules of Marketing & PR, now in its 6th edition with over 350,000 copies sold, is a modern business classic that is available in 29 languages from Albanian to Vietnamese and used as a text in hundreds of universities and business schools worldwide. Real-Time Marketing & PR is a Wall Street Journal bestseller while Newsjacking, and The New Rules of Sales and Service have each broken new ground with fresh ideas. David is also co-author of Marketing the Moon (being made into a feature film entitled The Men Who Sold the Moon) and Marketing Lessons from The Grateful Dead.

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