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“…she was the absolute ‘best’ speaker we have ever hired. With that, the leadership from Major Account Summit have asked, how do we give her a bonus? She was that good.”
– Manager, Meeting & Events, Kaiser Permanente

“Everyone sitting near me (including myself) agreed that you were the best speaker we have ever heard, hands down.”
– Senior Counsel, Member Service, ALAS

 “Everyone…I mean everyone…left raving about your message. As you can imagine being in healthcare as executive I hear a lot of people speak. You are an exceptional speaker and have an incredible message to share with anyone that’s looking at ways to be motivated to improve themselves. So yes, count me in as a card holding member of your fan club”
– Chairman, Board of Directors, National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP)

“I want to thank you so much for being THE highlight of our Women in Specialty Pharmacy luncheon last week! Your keynote address was one of the most empowering and impactful that I have ever heard. Our attendees could not stop talking about how fabulous you are and I think the line of folks who wanted to meet you and have their picture taken with you is a testament of how well your message resonated with our attendees.”
– Executive Director, National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP)

“I have to tell you, she is unbelievable. Powerful, tremendous story, engaging and more…I cannot thank you enough. She is a winner, role model and legend.”
– Law Firm Vendor Association

“We cannot thank YOU enough for bringing your inspiring, moving, profound, vulnerable, INCREDIBLE story to our team. If your ears have been ringing it is 120 people saying you were the absolute highlight of the whole offsite. And many told me you were the BEST speaker they have ever heard. [And these people hear a lot of speakers.]”
– Training Manager, Genentech

“We were already excited to hear Nicole speak because of her impressive bio, but her presentation still blew us away. She has a compelling personal as well as professional story to tell. And she does it with a passion and vulnerability that create a strong connection with her audience. Five minutes into her presentation, you could tell that she had our group hooked. Nicole creates a three-dimensional experience for her listeners – we had the sense that we were with her in the cockpit of her fighter jet as she recounted experiences of flying with the Air Force’s Thunderbird team. Her presentation resonated so deeply with our audience that people are still talking about her presentation a week later and employees who could not attend are asking to see the video of her presentation. Nicole is professional, organized, timely, and an all-around pleasure to work with. She was thoughtful in researching our organization and event so she could craft her discussion to fit our audience.”
– Investments Director, Fundamental Equities, Invesco Advisers, Inc.

“Most of us will never lead a squadron of F-15E fighter pilots, fly right wing for the USAF Thunderbirds or have our careers transformed as a result of a tick bite. But your storytelling took us there for a brief moment and the lessons they represent—failure and risk are the price of entry for achieving something great; plow your own path; nobody wants to lead a scripted life; etc.—resonate in a way that can change lives, personal and professional. You are one of the most engaging and effective speakers I have come across—a humble force that touches people emotionally. Without question, you presented exactly the message we wanted to share with our elite performers.”
– Chairman and CEO, SunTrust Banks, Inc.

“Nicole was exceptionally well received. She—truly—did a magnificent job. Connected with the audience, inspiring, thought-provoking, funny, real, open. Our colleagues couldn’t stop talking about it. Was the highlight of our event.”
– UnitedHealth Group

“Col. Nicole Malachowski took our financial professionals by storm – three weeks later, people are still talking about her. She has a unique gift of being able to relate her very interesting and exciting professional and personal life experiences to a diverse audience in a completely different profession. Her genuine conversational style made each attendee feel she was talking directly to them.”
– Treasury Management Association of New York (TMANY)

“Rarely have I found an entire room of business colleagues all so incredibly inspired and engaged by one speaker! Nicole’s story has the power of relating to all businesses as well as the individual journeys we are all on. Nicole’s compassion, determination and kind spirit shine through in every aspect of her presentation. The outpouring of support, after two standing ovations and many tears, made it clear her message resonated with everyone in attendance. We look forward to Nicole joining us for future conferences and highly recommend her for anyone looking for a truly exceptional experience!”
– CEO of Cetera Financial Group

“I have had the pleasure and burden of hosting speakers for major corporate and client meetings (40-7000 attendees) for the last twenty years. I refer to this part of my work as a burden only because when you chose a speaker who doesn’t hit the mark, it can have a significant impact on the experience, efficacy and ratings of an event. But when you chose well, it’s magic. I’m writing to you today to let you know that you, Nicole Malachowski, are magic! You are easily in my ‘top-5 of all-time’! In addition to be an excellent public speaker in manner, tone and approach, your presentation was stunningly inspiring, moving and motivational. And it wasn’t just a feel-good session. Every person in the room left with business and life-tools to use and share. But most of all, each and every one of us left the room with a more grateful heart. For me, this is the home run of home runs as we attempt to bring some light to the lives of our employees and clients. Thank you for being the amazing woman and role model you are, for your service to our great country and for sharing part of yourself with us. I, too, wish you blue skies and tail winds.”
President, First Allied and Cetera Advisors

“Colonel Nicole Malachowski recently spoke to the senior leaders in my company and did an outstanding job. In fact, I cannot recall another speaker where there was such high universal praise. She is inspiring, authentic, energizing, and a true American hero. More than a week later, there is still abuzz in the organization and I have zero doubt her remarks will leave a lasting impression on our team to embrace headwinds and navigate change more successfully.”
– President and CEO of Strayer University, Inc.

“I was at the Strayer retreat this past week, and wanted to express how much your presentation meant to me. I’m sure you get this a lot, but your stage presence is amazing but your message is life-changing. You may not know how many people in each of your audiences are affected, but I can assure you that your message spoke to me in a time of need and I just wanted to share my appreciation. I so appreciate your story and how you are so blessed to connect with others.”
Strayer University Attendee

“An indomitable spirit whose life journey adds such warmth and depth to her powerful message. She is relatable to women and men with a fascinating narrative of overcoming trials and tribulations all while being an unwitting trailblazer in aviation, in leadership, in social awareness and in medical care”
VP, Advanced Technology Demonstration Center, Northrop Grumman

“A very special thank you for your incredible keynote at our team meeting this week. You touched my team with your brilliant and meaningful storytelling and have inspired them with your leadership and very practical tips on how to manage headwinds. You captivated their hearts and minds—and it was exactly the kind of closing I wanted to end our week of planning sessions. I know you are going to have an amazing career as a speaker as my team like me was thinking of how and where we need to have your message in our programs and will be recommending you to their network of colleagues and friends in the industry.”
SVP, CMO | Marketing and Sales, Best Western® Hotels & Resorts

“You are a spectacular speaker and I have never been to a meeting with our entire team mesmerized by anyone like they were with you. Your story is unbelievable and you are able to deliver it in such a natural and powerful way that had me in awe for days after. I haven’t been so motivated or inspired by anyone in a long time.”
Director | Marketing Activation, Best Western® Hotels & Resorts

“Nicole, thanks again for joining us in Wilmington! My team couldn’t have been more pleased to work with you. Your message of perseverance, determination, and overcoming roadblocks was incredibly moving and inspiring. Our group of hoteliers and developers embraced your courage, and your path resonated with the myriad of challenges we face in our industry. I was especially impressed when you joined us the day before, sat through our meetings, got to know various people, and mentioned them during your talk! I have to say that never before have I had our group rise and give a standing ovation to a guest speaker and then be asked to return to the stage for ongoing applause!”
Executive Vice President, Human Resources, PM Hotel Group

“Days later I am still thinking about you and the unforgettable talk you gave to close our leadership conference. To say it was the highlight of an already exceptional conference would simply be an understatement. You touched so many people with not only your story, but the very essence of who you are as human being. You are a unique mixture of charm, vulnerability, humble strength and resilience…many of us in the audience, including myself, aspire to be more like you. You left us all with the gifts of inspiration and motivation…exactly what we needed to end a conference that was focused on driving performance and connections.”
Event Planner, PM Hotel Group

“… it was the best, most inspiring, heartfelt and meaningful speech I heard all year. Even though I have never flown a jet, given birth to children, or had to deal with a tick-borne illness, you effortlessly translated your words and stories on resilience and dedication into the challenges we face every day. Keep telling your story, it was a pleasure to hear.”
Senior Vice President Commercial Operations, BPG|360

“During our time together Nicole Malachowski and I traveled across the country to visit and speak with our regional personnel. She shared her unique background, her experience, challenges she faced, and lessons learned over two decades of serving our country. At every stop the reaction was overwhelmingly positive. Her unique ability to connect with each and every member of the crowd was impressive. Each individual believed she was talking directly to them and all attendees left walking a little taller. If you are looking for someone to motivate and inspire your audience you cannot do better than Nicole Malachowski. And I’ll bet you might walk a little taller, too.”
Deputy Administrator, U.S. General Services Administration