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We live in the age of the network. Networks are powerful because they harness more resources and deliver outsized results. The reason is simple: more is better.

It’s no coincidence that the word “Network” is in our name. Networks connect. That’s what D’Amelio Network is all about – efficiently connecting our speaking clients to the widest possible range of opportunities through our relationships with a network of event professionals at speakers bureaus, event production companies, advertising agencies, PR firms, corporations, and associations. We have fun working with those we believe in – and helping to bring their ideas to new audiences all over the world through collaboration.

The D’Amelio Network was founded in 2011 by Tony D’Amelio, an industry veteran with nearly 50 years of experience bringing ideas and audiences together. “Like every other industry, the speaking world has been disrupted by technology-driven change,” he says. “The internet fundamentally altered the way people are booking event speakers. That created a new opportunity to better help speakers who were underserved by the traditional model of signing exclusively with just one speakers bureau to handle all speaking activity. In a 21st century world, that model isn’t right for everyone.”

Our job as manager is to be the advocate for our talent in a world of information overload. We curate content about our speakers and share it with our network of event professionals to help them understand what is unique about each of our speakers. We shine a light on their latest accomplishments, experience and relevance and put their value in context against the backdrop of what’s going on in the world right now – and how it will benefit audiences. By providing the tools, information, and resources to successfully work with our speakers, the end result is increased opportunities for those we manage and great outcomes for the audience.