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Vikram Mansharamani – Testimonials

What People Have To Say About Vikram Mansharamani

“He hit it out of the park! Enthusiastic responses from everyone. Could not be happier.”
-Partner, Pepper Law

“I wish we would have allotted more time for discussion as our team was greatly intrigued by your thesis. Our team is thoughtful and intelligent, and your perspective struck a chord in the way we intended. The dialogue during our team dinner tonight was phenomenal, and your discussion with us today was the critical catalyst.”
-Director of Product Supply, North America Baby and Child Care, Kimberly-Clark Corporation

 “Everyone really loved his presentation. The audience was very engaged and had a lot of questions. Definitely very positive feedback.”
-Meeting Planner, Liberty Mutual

“Thanks again for being such an impressive and gracious speaker. All of the feedback we’ve received on your presentation has been overwhelmingly positive – you’ve put us in a tough position to make next year’s conference even better!”
-Vice President, Robert W. Baird & Co.

“Great presentation. Everyone kept saying how you were able to take complex issues and explain them in terms that everyone could understand.  That is high praise from a group of farmers and ranchers.”
-President & CEO, Farm Credit

“Vikram, I would like to share with the news that we are still receiving the best reviews from many attendees in regards of your conference, among them, one of the most prominent economists of Colombia. Your presentation was certainly a success and we will surely want to see you in Colombia on upcoming opportunities”
-President, Asofiduciarias

“Vikram was fantastic. He’s such a nice man. Really personable and genuine. Our conference attendees loved his presentation – and I mean loved! I suspect that he will be the highest rated speaker at this event. I will share the results of our conference evaluation with you when it is ready.”
-Director, Trade Association Services, Credit Union Central of Canada

“You were a great addition to our program – wonderful content and presentation. I really enjoyed your talk.”
-President, Canola Council

“Vikram gives a dynamic presentation that pulls disparate trends together to make compelling and thought-provoking arguments about future outcomes and investment opportunities.”
-President and Chief Operating Officer; Cambridge Associates

“Vikram energetically presents his arguments in a way that engages sophisticated institutional investors in a dialogue that expands how they think about investing now and in the future.”
-Managing Director of Global Client Services and Relations, Cambridge Associates

“Vikram is a dynamic, engaging and insightful speaker who has the ability to connect seemingly irrelevant dots to paint a mosaic of the future and to help listeners navigate the inevitable uncertainty.”
-Associate Director for Leadership Programs and Europe Office of International Affairs,
Yale University

“Your superbly-delivered keynote presentation directly impacted the overall success of our national conference and was much appreciated by those in attendance. Initial feedback received by delegates rated your session “very good” to “excellent” with respect to session content, presentation style and applicability. You were definitely a “hit” with our group.”
-Director, Member Services & Communications, Credit Union Central of Canada

“Dr. Mansharamani is a talented speaker who connects with his audience. He is able to distill broad themes into relatable bites through illustrative and effective storytelling and use of visual images. He invites the audience to engage directly with him and they do! He is adept at and seems to enjoy responding to questions and challenges to his point of view. Dr. Mansharamani was among the best speakers we’ve had in our Author Series – evidence: the long line of people who sought to meet him and ask more questions following his presentation.”
– Suzannah L. Susser, Deputy Director, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

“Rare is the speaker that offers a perspective culled from a variety of disciplines. Seeking such a person, we booked Vikram to speak to our group, which is comprised of CFA charter holders with a wealth of experience in financial markets. He was someone we thought would inspire outside-the-box thinking, and he delivered in spades. Vikram offered a broad, macro-level presentation that exposed our audience to potential opportunities and threats facing the world. He’s an incredibly knowledgeable, dynamic speaker whose presentation just might change your worldview – he certainly changed a few among our group.”
– Sayer P. Martin, CFA, President, Sagacious & Programming Chair, CFA Society of Iowa

“Vikram is a lively and engaging speaker. Right from the first moment Vikram steps on stage he captivates the audience and involves them in the session- no one is looking at Blackberries or leaving the room – they are all fascinated with what he has to say. Vikram is a very versatile speaker- he can give thoughtful and entertaining solo presentations communicating a clear and relevant business message but in addition he is a real asset to panel discussions- he encourages debate and creates a compelling dialogue. You can trust Vikram to add value, insight and personality to any conference.”
– Victoria Chatterton, Conference Director, ICBI

“One of the most important topics in global economics today was presented with enthusiasm and humor, supported by well-researched analysis. This attention-grabbing presentation is a must for anyone who’s looking ahead to the Next Big Boom (or Bust).”
– Trey Seitz, Investment Manager, External Equities Department, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority

“Vikram is a wonderful speaker. He engaged the audience from his opening comments and kept them entertained and informed until the end. The Q and A session was equally beneficial. He handled all the questions with colorful concise answers and encouraged everyone to participate. The audience clearly enjoyed the presentation and gave him great reviews in the survey. I would certainly recommend him to any group that needs insight into Bubbles and the Global Economy.”
– Richard L. Ware, CFA, Program Chair, CFA Virginia

“PwC engaged Vikram Mansharamani to conduct a two hour session in August, 2011 as part of the firm’s full day pension plan Trustee education session. I worked with Vikram prior to his presentation and found him to be very responsive and easy to work with. Roughly 20 people attended the session. We asked Vikram to talk about his book, Boombustology. We provided the book to the attendees prior to the meeting; however, time constraints prevented many of the attendees from reading the book prior to the meeting. Vikram’s presentation — the first of the day — was very engaging… We were entertained, but we learned a lot…His arguments were very specific and quite convincing. His methodical approach resonated well with our group of accountants and financial professionals. Vikram kept the group’s interest and also entertained them. His professorial approach made me wish I were back in school… Of the four groups that presented that day, I felt that Vikram’s presentation was the best. We still discuss his material six months after the presentation.”
– C. B. Bianco, Director of Investments, PricewaterhouseCoopers

“We host a variety of authors, professors, economists, doctors, and architects for a lecture and Q&A session. Typically, these lectures draw between 30 and 60 members. On Wednesday September 28, 2011, Vikram Mansharamani joined 50+ members to discuss his book entitled “Boombustology”. Our members thoroughly enjoyed the evening and were very impressed with Dr. Mansharamani’s engaging style and charisma. After the Q&A section of the lecture, members swarmed Dr. Mansharamani to continue asking their questions before he had to depart for a flight to another lecture. I received positive feedback about Dr. Mansharamani’s lecture from our members and am pleased that his lecture could kick-off our fall season of library lectures.”
– Lesley Kiger, Activities Manager, The Yale Club of NYC

“I want to thank you for the terrific presentation you made to the Hamilton Trust on November 10, 2011 at the Brae Burn Country Club. Our membership enjoyed your talk and thought it was one of the best presentations we have had. Our 60-person membership, consisting mostly of CEO types, is a very sophisticated and learned audience. As you know, I was initially concerned that your subject on Boombustology and Yale connection might be too academic and that you also might have a challenge in controlling the questions and debate from our group. Well, I was amazed that your presentation totally captured their interest without exception, and you controlled their questions without losing a beat on your subject matter. The members felt you were providing them with a completely new way to view the economic signals of booms and busts, and were taken with your energy and vibrant presentation skills. You came highly recommended from your previous engagements and, after this delightful experience, I would highly recommend you to any other groups looking for an entertaining and stimulating speaker. Finally, you should know that, after your presentation, I received four unsolicited e-mails from members congratulating me for bringing in such a terrific speaker.”
– David Quade, President, Berkshire Income Realty & Chairman, Program Committee, The Hamilton Trust

“I have had the pleasure of working with Vikram on a number of occasions. There are few Academics that are as abreast of market concerns as he, but even more, there are few market strategists that can remain on top of the latest research and thinking. Vikram remains one of Track.com’s top speakers and dinner guests. His insights and easy-going, straightforward speaking style make him the go-to expert for China and anything global.”
– Robert Savage, Chief Executive Officer, Track.com

“What a hit you were at our meetings! So many people commented on how much they enjoyed your presentation and how much they gained from it! Thank you for spending the time you did up front to really understand our audience.”
– Manager of Advisor Training, Lincoln Financial Advisors

“Great session by Vikram in my opinion, and informal feedback has been quite positive. He didn’t stint on the prep time (in fact he asked for more), and it showed in how well prepared he was for the Invesco audience.”
– People Development Adviser, Human Resources, Invesco

“Thank you again for working with us for the Industry Business Forum and Convening leaders. Quite simply you were GREAT. The content was enriching for all, high level and you forced us to think differently.”
Chief Operating Officer, Professional Convention Management Association

“Vikram uses economic data and social science to challenge business leaders to think beyond their tenure and outside their comfort zone on what might be possible and likely in today’s highly disruptive world.”
-Bruce MacMillan, CEO, Bandwidth Management & Consulting

“Vikram has been a speaker at several of our client events in the past. His dynamic and entertaining talk on the boom & bust cycles is not only very engaging but it really pushes the audience to think outside the box. He leaves us inspired about “connecting the dots.””
-M. Sa’ad Shah, Managing Director, THE CARLYLE GROUP