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Geoff Colvin – Testimonials

What People Have To Say About Geoff Colvin

“Geoff Colvin was fabulous! Thanks. Members thought he was the best speaker we have ever had.”
-President, Flexible Packaging Association

“Geoff, I truly appreciate you taking time to meet with the team and to listen to their discussions. The feedback from the clients thus far was that you made them think out of the box and more strategically then they have in a long time. What was most interesting is that two of the clients quoted you in the afternoon session so clearly you made an impression!”
-Chief of Marketing, PowerPlan, Inc.

“In a word: fantastic! Geoff really was perfect for this. He kept the conversation lively. Geoff really knocked it out of the ballpark.”
– Microsoft

“No surprise, Geoff was articulate and insightful, thoughtful on global and fiscal issues affecting industry and candid on impressions of leadership. Not to mention, a wonderful man who I will forever be indebted to.”
– CEO, The Elliot Group

“Thanks so very much for your moderating today. I felt relaxed and right at home.”
– George H.W. Bush

“Once again your stewardship of the business sessions opened the door for a truly interactive and valuable dialogue for everyone. Your depth of understanding of the challenges these companies are facing and the opportunities that lie ahead added tremendously to our conversations.”
– John Chambers, CEO, Cisco

“The consensus was: “He did a great job.” “He was dead on.” “He said what we needed to here.” “Great job.” I truly didn’t hear one bad or negative comment. He was a total “hit”. He was a total delight to work with (as were all of you). Thank you for everything.”
– Assistant to the CEO and President, Vanguard Health Systems

“Thank you very much for joining me this week at the THINK Finance: CFO CIO Leadership Exchange in New York and for contributing to our event in such a substantial manner. It was such a pleasure to see you again and share the stage with you. As with previous exchanges, you helped to draw out important insights from our speakers and deliver tremendous value to our audience. We at IBM value the perspectives you brought to our session and appreciate the time you spent with us. Thank you again for making our event a priority.”
– IBM Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

“Geoff was wonderful and feedback was glowing from my team, leadership and personally. I loved meeting him and he was a true professional and absolutely lovely!”
– Marketing Manager, Agile-1

“Geoff turned in two outstanding performances for Commonfund. His grasp of business issues is second to none and his engaging style consistently pulls the best comments from our panelists. What more could one ask? But actually Geoff delivers more without our asking. He is one of the most genuinely respectful and caring people on the speaking circuit. And despite his vast business knowledge and superior interviewing skill, he hasn’t a trace of ego.”
– Producer, Lovett Productions

“You are as good as any interviewer I’ve ever worked with. You seem to bring out the best in everyone, and you sure do with me. I hope our paths cross again before too long.”
– Hank Paulson, Former Secretary of the Treasury & Chairman, The Paulson Institute

“Geoff was AMAZING. All the feedback that we have been receiving for the keynote and panel has been very positive.”
– Administrative Assistant, Omers Private Equity

“He was amazing! One of the best we’ve had . . . executives loved him as well as students, and he was so inspirational to our student group – they are a hard audience, and rallied around his message on Talent is Overrated. So true!”
-Director of Executive Learning and Marketing, Belmont University

“Evaluation comments indicate that registrants especially liked your humor, the easy-to-understand message and the way you transitioned the information theory to real world applications. You generated an overall evaluation score of 8.64. This, coupled with the numerous positive comments, means your presentation, “How the Best Companies are Winning Today and Why Talent is Overrated”, was a great SUCCESS!
-Director of Conference Programs, Industrial Asset Management Council

“I just wanted to thank you again for speaking at our dinner on Monday night. I cannot tell you how many people have commented on how nice the evening was, and especially how they enjoyed your remarks. I hope you know how much we appreciated having you with us, and the time you took to prepare your remarks for our group.”
Director of Program Management, Welsh Carson Anderson & Stowe

“What a master! I was a bit worried when we got word that he wouldn’t be using any slides but everybody loved him. And for the panel, he conducted the “interviews” and wove it all together seamlessly. He had 4 people he had never met but got their best thinking and made it relate to the audience. We were all very impressed.”
Brad Miller, Advocacy & Communications, BIFMA

“I want Geoff at all events doing all panels. And I said it to those who can decide.”
-Jessica Prince, SVP & Director of Production, IBM Team

“Thank you for joining me last week at our THINK Forum in New York and for moderating our sessions on “The Promise of Cognitive Systems and Watson” and “The Future of Computing – Augmenting Human Intelligence.” I have to say that your skill as a moderator is unmatched, and your comments during the conversations were terrific. You were able to lead our speakers into valuable dialogues about their experiences working with Watson and the possibilities of cognitive computing. I know our audience benefited from your expertise, and several attendees commented specifically to me on these thought-provoking sessions.”
-Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, IBM